Alexander Schroedsen

This is my website for now, it is an old resume of mine. I also have a few servers hosted here:

Serious Sam: The First Encounter default co-op hosted at (not currently set up)

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter  default co-op hosted at (not currently set up)

Kaillera server hosted at (not currently set up)

Minecraft server hopefully coming soon… I’m just getting back into this stuff...

Professional / Educational Summary

During Elementary and Junior High school I had my first exposure to macintosh computers. Towards the end of 8th grade my father taught me to write computer programs. I started building PCs around this time. During High school I worked on a robotics team. Summer of 2010 and ‘11 I was given a volunteer internship in the IT department of the Veterans Administration Hospital. During the summers of 2012 and ‘13 I completed my math prerequisites for community college. I started work at Bergan’s Supervalu as a cashier during the fall of 2012 and worked there for approximately 4 years. I graduated from high school in 2013 I now possess associate's degrees in computer forensics, network administration and computer support. I currently work as a Retail Associate at VCS since September 2017.


  • 4 years experience in customer service/interaction.
  • Training with Microsoft Office 2013 (Access, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Work in a team every day at work.
  • Inventory/organization work.
  • Intermediate-advanced understanding of Operating System inner workings/structure.
  • Intermediate-advanced experience with computer/tech troubleshooting.
  • Good at simplifying computer/engineering concepts for better understanding by others.


  • During my volunteer internship with the Veterans Administration I volunteered to organize rooms of computer equipment, inventory incoming printers, documenting decommissioned equipment and alphabetize file cabinets.
  • I worked at Bergan’s SuperValu for 4.75 years and climbed to nearly the top of the cashiers list.
  • I work with cash registers, I stock shelves in the grocery, dairy, frozen and produce departments based on what work I am assigned that day.
  • While working at SuperValu I prepared an Excel spreadsheet for use regarding their schedule, it adds up the hours of all employees who are scheduled in order to make it easier for the scheduling authority to keep track of hours.


During my time at Minneapolis Community and Technical College I have completed courses such as:

  • “Information Studies”
  • “Intro to Communication Studies”
  • “Information Tech Skills”
  • “Data Communications” (TestOut LabSim CompTia Network+ oriented training in computer networking)
  • “Microsoft Windows Operating Systems”
  • “Programming Logic & Design”
  • “Linux System Administration”.
  • “Windows Server 2008-2012/R2 Install and Configure”
  • I spend a lot of time researching/planning, building and maintaining my own computers outside of class.

Additional Information